Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cutting Sim Card-Micro Sim (Home Made)

Hello Geeks! Today I'm gonna show you all how to cut your MINI SIM Card to Micro Sim card in a traditional home made style. Systematically a SIM has these dimensions. Just as shown in the picture below.
The thing is that the data of the SIM exist in the CHIP which can be seen in YELLOW in the above Image. So, We don't need any side Plastic Plates, do we? So, Lets make it simple for you, I've already tried this method and currently using that SIM in my Smartphone and it is working flawlessly. I would recommend to use very SHARP scissors,so that,while cutting the SIM,the chip doesn't get damaged and the shape will also be very eye catchy. 

Use a Measuring Scale to measure the SIM dimensions, mark the points as shown and cut it down! After cutting it will look something like this..While the other parts which are cut, will look like the picture below.

That's It! You're Done, Have Any Questions? Comment Below To Let Me Know.  





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