Tuesday, 29 November 2016

DA2: Mini Militia Epic Gameplay [How To Play] {Making People Leave}

In this post you all get a video gameplay of mini militia by me.
check out the youtube link below...
click on Mini Militia ....

                                                             > Mini-Militia

Monday, 8 December 2014

Hacking/Modding Android Games To Get Unlimited Resources

Welcome all! I represent you all again a new article by me on how to hack or mod android games and get unlimited resources for the game! Stay tuned !

So, readers you might think while playing a android game that the resources like coins,gems etc given are very low, and what if you could drive them crazy and get them with no limits? Yes,you can get if you just follow what I say here.. :)

But keep in mind many games save your user data to their server and it is not possible to hack that games,for hacking those server oriented games I will post soon! So, keep a watch!

Now, let's come to the point how to hack/mod your favourite games.. I had tried these method a several times and got success everytime.

As an example, I will be showing you here how to hack Agent Dash..

What things you will need to overcome this process?
1. Well, you need a rooted android phone.
2. Game hacker ApK (To download this just google by it's name and click on the first result :)
3. A game to hack upon
4. Little bit of skill and patience

Now lets get started...
Follow the steps.. here I am showing you how to hack Agent Dash.. You can hack many other games just give it a try.

Step 1- Make sure you phone is rooted and you downloaded game hacker apk, open the apk and allow or grant root access,when the app open it will show some chinese or japanese stuffs,skip to the bottom and click yes! After this you will see something like this screenshot...

Click on the button I have marked  with, the app will minimize now.
Step 2- Second step is to open the game you want to hack, for me, I will be opening Agent Dash (keep in mind you can hack any other games!). 
After the game has been opened you can see my resources in the below screenshot. ( I have an outdated Agnet Dash game as I don't play it much though,so never mind this hack will work on the latest one's also)
So I am very low in gemss, let's increase!! I have 1054 gems, Open the game hacker app again by clicking the SETTINGS GEAR button on the upper left of the screen.
It will ask you to insert values, for me the gems are 1054, So I will enter 1054 there (You have to enter the amount of resources you have), You will find many results,ignore them and click continue. After this, minimize the game hacker app again by clicking on the MINUS SIGN --
Now,play the game agian and increase the gems a little bit.
I increased the gems to 1070 and entered in the game hacker app by opening it (Settings gear), at last I found only one result, that's the result we were searching for( you also have to repeat the process again till you get 1 result)
I entered there 999999 or whatever it depends upon how much resources you want.  
See the screenshots below

And yippe!! The gems has been increased, the hack worked!! Please keep in mind this article was purely made by me, so if you liked this article click on the google ads to help me in my billing funds thank you :)
Any problem following the guide, comment and I will be there in no time :)



Sunday, 7 December 2014

USB (Pendrive) Auto Hack- Facebook-Gmail-Twitter And Many More!

Hacking through USB/Pendrive to find out the victim's password of Facebook,Gmail,Twitter and other important Data? You are in right place !! 😜

Please Note,This guide is for educational purpose only,Exploiting someone's persnol data is illegal.I,However don't support these stuffs.

Hello my readers, while surfung the internet I came across this amazing USB hacker (Application), Which can help you get the passwords and other important data of victim's computer or laptop.

This application has been made by Rossepstein, all the credits goes to him :)

So,lets get started, First let me explain you all how this application will help you get the victim's passwords and other stuffs, actually this application is portable and it has to be extracted in a USB pendrive, after that you just have to insert the pendrive to the victim's PC and it will do the rest of work for you after yoy follow the described actions below :) Easy? Yes, It Is !!

First of all download this application from here.
After downloading, copy the file and extract it into your pendrive.

Yippe!! You are done now. ( It was easy, think again :)

To use it, Just click the start.bat

Features of this application-

- Removes antivirus from the computer.

- Records all stored passwords from all browsers to a .txt file called passwords.txt

- Silently installs a key logger to the computer which can still be used after the usb is unplugged. Just plug it back in to automatically sync all logged keys. The logged keys will be shown in a text file called daten.txt

- Takes all searches that the computer has done and puts them in a txt file called searches.txt (Google, Bing, etc.)

That's all folks! It is a very useful hack to surprise your friend or any enemy 😄

Please click on the Google Ads to help me in my billing funds and inspire me to provide more of these hacks :)

Have any doubts? Comment below, Will help you !!